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How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door: 5 Ways

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

how to secure a sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors can pose security risks due to their often in adequate locking mechanisms and shatterable glass, making them an inviting target for intruders. Whether you're a renter or a homeowner, you're going to want to secure locks with these savvy sensor and security bar options below.

Here are the best sliding door security products that will transform your glass doorway into a fortress.

How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

Step 1: Apply shatterproof window film to your sliding glass door for enhanced security against breakage.

Step 2: Fortify the door's locking mechanism by adding a tough deadbolt lock or a security bar to prevent the door from being easily forced open.

Step 3: Improve your home's security with a security system that includes cameras, alarms and sensors, providing an extra layer of monitoring and real-time alerts.

Why Do Burglars Love Sliding Glass Doors?

That sliding glass patio door you adore for its sunlight and charm is also a favorite among burglars. Why? Sliding glass doors:

  • Often stay unlocked as people overlook securing them.

  • They have locks that can easily unlock with a mere jiggle of the handle.

  • Easy visibility to see your belongings and the people inside.

  • French doors are usually tucked away in the backyard which makes for an easy break-in.

  • And let’s not forget, they’re glass, a material that surrenders easily to force.

How To Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

1. Fit a Sliding Glass Door Lock

To secure a sliding glass door and protect it from burglars, one solution is to fit the door with a sliding door lock. Sliding door lock mechanisms prevent any jimmying attempts from both inside and outside as they're positioned at the top where the stationary and sliding glass meet. Most come with dual locking positions: fully closed or slightly ajar for ventilation.

The installation might require a bit more effort but is straightforward:

  • Shut your door completely

  • Clean the upper track of your sliding glass door

  • Align the lock and mark the drilling points

  • Drill pilot holes

  • Affix the lock securely

Following a similar procedure, you'll need to install the locking piece on the door. Once set up, these types of locks are both discreet and effective, securing your doors without disrupting the aesthetic.

2. Utilize a Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

Prevent the sliding action of your patio doors by using a security bar or “Charley bar” - security bars are placed in the door track, securely fastened at one end.

security bar door

Security bars are particularly useful if you have adventurous little ones who may tamper with a lower-placed security bar. They're also intruder-proof.

Setting up a security bar is very simple. One end needs to be screwed in place and then once you've installed it, you can adjust the bar to the correct height and positioning.

3. Shade Your Sliding Doors

Many people love the scenic views offered by sliding glass and French doors, but it’s this visibility that makes them a security risk. They provide a clear view into your home, and its easy to peek inside at your belongings or to see who is living in your home.

And often, sliding glass doors are positioned in backyards, which allows potential intruders to scope out a place without being noticed.

A straightforward solution is using sliding panels or shutters. This particular sliding door pack has 4 panels pre-attached with Velcro, so anyone can install it.

4. Set up Smart Sensors

Electronic smart door sensors alert you to a break-in immediately. These sensors can be part of a larger security system, or standalone units like glass break detectors can be used for your sliding glass or French doors.

Connect it to your Wi-Fi and decide how you want it to send you alerts (SMS, Email etc). If you want a siren option for a loud noise emitted, this add-on siren alarm will do just fine.

5. Obtain a Security Door Brace for French Doors

A security barricade or door brace can hold French doors in place under considerable force - and even with unlocked or shattered glass, a brace keeps the doors securely closed. It's perfect glass door protection for renters as you don't have to drill in anything or make permanent alterations.

security door

To brace the doors, you need to fix it to the floor at the base and the other part of it slides into position. It’s a straightforward setup on wood or laminate floors, although stone or tile floors might require professional installation due to the need for specialized screws and drill bits.

Is it Possible to Install Shatterproof Glass in A Sliding Glass Door? Yes - choosing impact-resistant glass doors is 1 route to consider, although it can be a pricey one, requiring a specialized window company for both acquisition and fitting. The expenditure can easily cross the $1000 mark per door, making it an impractical choice for many. A more budget-friendly alternative could be the application of security window film, which tends to improve the shatterproof quality of your glass doors.

Which Is the Best Security Door Lock For Renters?

Residing in an apartment calls for non-permanent solutions for securing your sliding glass door. Security bars emerge as the top choice here, ensuring the door remains firmly shut without the need for anchoring screws.

3 Budget Ways To Improve Sliding Door Security

  1. Place A Blockade In The Tracks: The most budget-friendly security option is to place a blocker in the tracks, preventing any unwanted movement. For example, a DIY solution could be cutting a wooden broom handle to fit the track snugly when the door is closed.

  2. Upgrade Your Locks: Ditch the frail latch on your sliding door for a robust steel secondary locking system. A popular choice is a loop lock, which is an easy-to-install, sturdy lock that offers much more resistance against forced entry attempts.

  3. Glass Reinforcement: The glass is the weakest link in your sliding door. Applying security film on the glass surface provides an added layer of strength, making it difficult for burglars to shatter the glass and invade your privacy.

By implementing these simple measures, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your sliding door while ensuring a safe and secure home environment!

Final Thoughts On Securing Sliding Doors

Your patio or sliding glass door not only enlarges your space visually and brightens your day, but with the right security enhancements, it can also be a stronghold in your home's defense thanks to these intruder-proof sliding door products.

Adopting a layered security strategy is the way to go: Fortify the glass, bolster the lock and extend the surveillance beyond your view to stay safe.

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