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5 Best Smart Locks for Canadian Winters (2024)

Updated: Feb 7

Best Smart Locks for Canadian Winters

Canadian winters are notorious for freezing traditional locks, but smart locks have emerged as a weather-resistant alternative. This guide unveils the top 5 smart locks engineered for Canada's icy conditions, ensuring seamless, keyless entry to your home during snowfall.

These tech-savvy locks not only bolster your home's security but will sync effortlessly with smart home systems, marrying convenience with safety. Discover our curated list of smart locks to protect your home during the frosty Canadian winters ahead.

5 Best Smart Locks for Canadian Winters (2024)

Best Smart Locks for Canadian Winters

smart lock


  • Smart Home Integration: This lock plays nice with popular smart home systems. People can control it through Alexa, Google, and others, making home security a seamless experience.

  • Easy Installation: We love that it fits existing deadbolts, making the installation process a breeze. No need for a handyman.

  • App Controlled: With the August app, people can lock and unlock their doors using their smartphones or Apple Watch. It’s like magic, but real life.

  • Sharing Virtual Keys: You don't need keys anymore. People can give friends or service professionals unique codes for a scheduled or access anytime .

  • Hands-Free Entry: The auto-unlock feature is a game-changer. People are greeted by an unlocked door as they approach. No fumbling around.

  • Renter-Friendly: This lock doesn’t change the exterior appearance of the door and is easy to remove when moving out. Landlords won’t even notice.


  • Battery Life: Some people find the batteries run out quicker than expected, especially if the deadbolt isn’t smooth. Keep that in mind if your door is a bit on the older side.

  • A Learning Curve: Some people might take a bit of time to get used to the app and features.


  • AI Fingerprint Unlocking: People enjoy the hassle-free access, eliminating the worries of lost or forgotten keys.

  • Customizable Passcodes: The ability to set and disable individual passcodes offers personalized access for family, guests, or service people.

  • Voice Control: A favorite for many, especially when hands are full; people can unlock their doors using just their voice.


  • Battery Dependency: The lock’s performance is contingent on battery life, so people need to ensure batteries are replaced timely to avoid lockouts.


The eufy Security Smart Lock C220 is back at it with features that are turning heads. AI Fingerprint Unlocking is a standout, offering people a world where lost keys are a thing of the past. It’s quick, secure, and personal.

Voice control is the cherry on top. For those moments when your hands are as full as your schedule, being able to unlock doors with just a voice command is a lifesaver.

But let’s touch on the flip side. The lock is battery-dependent, so keeping an eye on battery life is crucial for uninterrupted access.


  • Budget-Friendly: We love that it offers advanced features without breaking the bank.

  • Multiple Access Codes: With up to 20 customizable codes, it’s a hit for families and temporary guests.

  • Smart Locking: The automatic lock and one-touch auto-lock features are praised for added convenience and security.

  • Durability & Weather Resistance: Its sturdy build and IP54 rating mean it stands up to various weather conditions, a plus for harsh winters.


  • No App or Wi-Fi: Some people might miss the remote access and monitoring features that come with app-connected locks.

  • Compatibility Limitations: It’s only suitable for specific door hole sizes, so people need to check compatibility before purchase.


  • Apple Home and Home Key Support: People with Apple devices will find the integration into Apple Home incredibly convenient. Unlocking with an iPhone or Apple Watch is seamless.

  • Multiple Unlocking Options: The versatility of having a fingerprint reader, configurable passwords, and a mechanical key caters to a variety of preferences and situations.

  • Smart Home Integration: Being compatible with third-party ecosystems like Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT makes this lock a favorite for those invested in smart home technology.

  • Auto Lock & Do Not Disturb Mode: The auto-lock feature and Do Not Disturb mode are praised for adding layers of convenience and consideration for family members’ peace.

  • Durability and Security: The zinc alloy build, long battery life, and emergency charging option via USB-C port ensure reliability and security, winning the trust of many.


  • Aqara Hub Requirement: The need for an Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub for certain features might be a drawback for some who prefer a more standalone solution.

  • Temperature Sensitivity: Although it can withstand a wide range of temperatures, extreme weather conditions might affect its performance.


  • Keyless Convenience: With 2 pre-programmed codes and the ability to assign up to 19, it offers a hassle-free, keyless experience for family and friends.

  • Premium Security: The high-quality metal construction and Grade 2/AAA rating ensure both durability and security for residential and light commercial use.

  • Battery Powered: Operates on a 9V battery, ensuring reliability and featuring a low-battery indicator to avoid lockouts, offering up to 2 years of battery life with typical use.

  • Illuminated Keypad: The durable, silicone-coated numbers illuminate when pressed, making code entry easy in low light conditions.

  • Easy Installation: The lock is designed for a quick and easy installation process requiring only a screwdriver, suitable for all standard doors.


  • Battery Dependency: While it ensures reliability, the battery operation means keeping an eye on the power level to avoid potential lockouts.

  • Limited Access Codes: Although it can store up to 19 codes, larger households or businesses might find this limiting.

Are Keyless Locks Affected By Weather Conditions? Locks are typically an afterthought until they malfunction, catapulting them to the forefront of our concerns. It's in these moments that the pivotal role of a reliable lock becomes glaringly apparent.

Problems with Traditional Locks in Canada:

  • Summer Issues:

    • Rising temperatures cause door frames to expand.

    • Expansion leads to pressure on deadbolt locks, causing jams.

  • Winter Challenges:

    • Cold weather causes door frames to contract.

    • Contraction can lead to misalignment between locks and doors, making locking/unlocking difficult or impossible.

Surprisingly, weather changes are often the unseen adversary of lock performance. In the heat of summer, escalating temperatures can lead to the expansion or swelling of door frames. This expansion exerts pressure on deadbolt locks, sometimes causing them to jam.

Conversely, the grip of winter can result in door frames contracting, potentially leading to a misalignment between the lock and the door. This misalignment can make the door challenging to lock and, in severe cases, render locking or unlocking impossible.

5 Best Smart Locks for Canadian Winters (2024)

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