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5+ Best Personal Safety Alarms (2024)

Ever felt vulnerable walking on a dark street? You're not alone.


With 81% of women having experienced sexual harassment or assault and 34% being followed, personal safety alarms have become less about choice and more about necessity.


This guide presents the best self-defense safety alarms on the market, curated to empower and protect.

a woman holding a personal safety alarm

Our Top Picks


This stylish guardian angel has a 130dB alarm, strobe light and comes in 7 colors.

Boasts a 130 dB alarm & is rechargeable rather than battery-operated.

This siren is the most affordable with 3 safety alarms in one pack.

What Is The Best Personal Safety Alarm?


  • Stylish and Understated: The sleek design of She's Birdie comes in trendy shades like coral, lemon, indigo, charcoal, and aqua - it's a stylish accessory that doesn't scream "safety alarm."

  • Integrated Strobe Light: Its unique strobe light serves as both a visual alert and a means to disorient potential attackers.

  • Philanthropic Brand: Not just about personal safety, She's Birdie has a heart too. They give away 5% of their profits to organizations devoted to women’s safety.

  • Compactness: Its petite size, similar to an average car key, means it's not bulky on your keys or in your pocket.


  • Sound Intensity: Though it emits a very loud sound at 125 decibels, it's still slightly quieter when compared to alarms like Boiros and Glpaesnil. This might be a factor for those seeking the loudest possible alert.

  • Battery Details Unknown: While its competitors offer details about battery life, She's Birdie remains a bit of a mystery in this aspect.

Overall Take: She's Birdie is a fashion statement and safety alarm with a cause. Its elegant aesthetic paired with a commitment to women’s safety makes it not only a tool for personal protection but a testament to community responsibility. 


But, if you prioritize sheer volume, you might want to compare its sound intensity with other options.



  • Dual Deterrent: Not only does it scream, but it also flashes, making it harder for attackers to stay unnoticed.

  • Choice of Colors: A broad range of colors lets users choose one that fits their personal aesthetic.

  • USB Charging: This is a game-changer. No constant battery replacements and a whole year on a single charger.

  • Gift-worthy: The packaging alone makes it a thoughtful present.


  • Not the Loudest: Boiros trumps it with a siren reaching 140dB.

  • Single Pack: While Boiros offers a three-pack deal, Vantamo comes as a single piece.

  • Bigger Profile: The She's Birdie design might be more portable and discreet.

  • Missed Features: Vantamo doesn't offer the emergency light functionality seen in the Vigoroad.

Overall take: The Vantamo Personal Safety Alarm offers an impressive battery life with its USB charging feature. Also, it's one of the most stylish options. Its dual deterrent, both sound and flash, enhances its security function.


However, the Vantamo lacks some of the unique features like the emergency light functionality seen in the Vigoroad.


  • Triple Pack Value: Unique to Boiros, the inclusion of three alarms in a single pack is an immediate standout. 

  • Extended Alert Duration: It has good siren duration of up to 50 minutes, longer than the other options. 

  • Intensity of the Siren: For those looking for sheer volume, the 140dB siren is among the loudest. 

  • Battery Assurance: The year-long battery life, thanks to its 3 LR44 batteries, is a comforting feature.


  • Size and Design: While Boiros focuses on functionality, others, especially She's Birdie, have a sleeker design.

  • Activation Mechanism: The pull-pin mechanism, though effective, is fairly standard. Brands like Vigoroad offer similar mechanisms with additional features such as an emergency light.

Overall take: 

Offering not one but three alarms in a pack, the Boiros Personal Safety Alarm ensures you get the most value for money.​ The alarm's super-loud 140dB siren can go on for a whopping 50 minutes, and with a year-long battery life, it's reliable.


On the flip side, its design might not win any fashion awards, especially when you size it up against the sleeker She's Birdie. But if you're after function over form and love a good bargain, Boiros might just be your pick. 


  • SOS LED Strobe Activation: The pull-pin activation mechanism is not just about sounding the alarm; it activates a strobe for up to ten continuous minutes, a distinctive feature that amplifies visibility in emergencies.

  • Emergency Flashlight Dual Function: While most alarms feature a singular light function, Vigoroad uniquely combines a bright emergency light with a standard flashlight.

  • Minimalist Keychain: This is a lighter, sleeker alarm in comparison to the bulkier Boiros, and its understated black design ensures it doesn't look out of place, be it on a your backpack or belt loop.


  • No Mention of Battery Longevity: While competitors are forthcoming about battery life, Vigoroad's lack of clarity on this may lead to uncertainty.

  • Sound Intensity: While 130 dB is significant, alarms like Boiros and Glpaesnil offer slightly higher dB, potentially overshadowing Vigoroad for those prioritizing sheer volume.

Overall summary: The Vigoroad Safety Alarm distinguishes itself with its dual light functionalities and a strobe feature. But, its lack of transparency regarding battery life and sound intensity in a market with louder alternatives might make people pause.



  • Best For Seniors: This is marketed towards seniors facing medical emergencies as well as others looking to feel safe when alone. 

  • Built Like a Tank: The term "Military-Grade Durability" isn't thrown around lightly. This alarm is weatherproof and robust constructed to withstand the elements.

  • Simple to Operate: No fuss, no complications - just pull the pin. 


  • Not the Most Fashion-forward: Thopeb gets the job done, but it doesn't win any beauty contests. If aesthetics are crucial, you might lean towards other self-defense tools like She's Birdie.

  • Battery Type: While durable and long-lasting, CR2032 batteries might not be as commonly available as some other types, making replacements trickier.

Overall Summary: Thopeb has a combination of a loud alarm, a flashing light and a rugged construction. It might not win a beauty contest, but for those prioritizing function over form, it's a solid pick.


  1. Impressive Sound Intensity: At 140dB, Glpaesnil stands among the loudest in the personal alarm market.

  2. Extended Alert Duration: A continuous alarm lasting up to 50 minutes is truly impressive.

  3. Durable: The ABS plastic and rust-resistant copper construction means this alarm isn’t just about making noise—it's built to last even under challenging conditions.

  4. Easy Battery Operated: Powered by 3 AG13/LR44 batteries, you can expect a year's service with minimal need for replacements.


  1. Not the Belle of the Ball: Let's be honest, this is an ugly looking alarm. While it does the job functionally, it might lack the trendy aesthetics we see in competitors like the She's Birdie self-defense tool.

  2. Limited Light Functionality: While it does offer built-in LED lights, it doesn't seem to provide an advanced flashlight or strobe feature, which some competitors offer.

Overall summary: The Glpaesnil Personal Alarm shines with its powerful siren and durable build. But if you're someone who wants their alarm to also be a style statement, you might want to shop around a bit more.

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