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Best Sabre Dog Spray Canada: Where To Buy

Updated: Feb 6

Wondering where to buy Sabre Dog Spray In Canada, or whether it's even legal to carry? Let's dive into the best Sabre Dog Sprays you can buy on Amazon, plus the laws around defending yourself in Canada.

sabre dog spray

Sabre Dog Spray Canada: Where To Buy

If you're in Canada and searching for Sabre dog spray, you're in the right place. Here's our top picks list:

Sabre Dog Spray Review: A Buyers' Guide

sabre self defense spray

The SABRE Dog & Coyote Attack Deterrent is a strong choice for those looking for an effective and humane way to protect themselves against canine threats. However, if you want a inconspicuous defense tool, the bright pink color is not the best choice and you're better off considering the products listed below.


  • Potent Formula: Contains 1.0% major capsaicinoids, offering maximum strength within safe limits.

  • Safe Range: Provides a 3-meter range, allowing users to maintain a safe distance from threats.

  • Ample Supply: Equipped with five one-second bursts, it's prepared for multiple encounters.


  • Bright Pink Color: The color of the canister is not subtle, which might be a concern for those seeking a more discreet protection tool.

  • Small Size: The canister's size might be too small for some, leading to worries about having sufficient product in an emergency.

This mini spray is a practical and convenient option for everyday carry, especially for those who prefer a spray that easily attaches to a keychain.


  • Keychain Compatibility: Its size and design make it ideal to add to a keychain, ensuring it's always handy.

  • Effective Formula: Contains 1.0% Major Capsaicinoids, ensuring a strong yet safe deterrent effect.

  • Safe Range: A 3-meter range allows for a safe distance when deterring an aggressive dog.


  • Safety Mechanism Concern: The locking mechanism, which requires turning the switch to the side, lacks a feature to prevent it from accidentally switching back to the 'on' position. This could potentially lead to unintentional discharge, especially when carried in a bag or pocket.

sabre self defense spray

This is our top pick for sprays - this professional size is a practical choice for those who prioritize a larger quantity and potency in a dog deterrent spray.


  • Larger Capacity: The 50g size offers more content, making it suitable for repeated use.

  • Maximum Strength: Adheres to the 1.0% Major Capsaicinoids limit, ensuring potency while being humane.

  • Extended Range: Offers a 3-meter range, allowing for a safer distance.


  • Bulky Size: The larger canister might be less convenient for everyday carry compared to smaller models.

sabre self defense spray

The SABRE 3-Meter Range Dog & Coyote Attack Deterrent is tailored for those who require protection specifically against dogs and coyotes, particularly in outdoor environments.


  • Great Against Coyotes & Dogs: Unlike other general-purpose sprays, this product is specifically formulated to deter dogs and coyotes, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts in areas where encounters with these animals are a concern.

  • Good Portability: It features a compact design with a key ring attachment, offering greater ease of carrying compared to the larger SABRE Dog Spray - Maximum Strength - Professional Size (50g).


  • Limited Versatility: This spray is specifically designed for canine threats and may not be as effective or appropriate for other self-defense scenarios compared to more general-purpose sprays like the SABRE Maximum Strength - Professional Size (50g).

The SABRE Spray with a Runner Strap is tailored for those who are often active outdoors, jogging or walking long distances, and require quick access to protection against attacks. Its runner strap makes it convenient during physical activities. But, the size of the strap could be on the smaller size for some people.


  • Portable For Active People: The inclusion of an adjustable hand strap makes this version particularly suitable for runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Compact and Lightweight: This deterrent maintains a compact form, similar to other SABRE products, but the added strap feature enhances its usability during physical activities.

  • Effective Protection Range: Like its counterparts, it offers a reliable 3-meter spray range, providing a safe distance between the user and potential threats.


  • Strap Size Limitation: The hand strap might be too small for those with larger hands.

  • Limited Use Cases: While specifically designed for protection against dog and coyote attacks, its specialized nature may not suit those looking for a more versatile self-defense spray.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog Spray

When selecting a dog deterrent spray, you want to think about several factors to ensure you get a product that's effective, safe and reliable:

  1. Composition of the Formula: Look for sprays that offer a potent mix of ingredients. SABRE contains both the inflammatory effects of red pepper and the irritating effects of CS tear gas. A good dog deterrent spray should combine elements that cause temporary discomfort to deter aggressive behavior effectively. The effectiveness of a spray is often determined by its formula, including the type and concentration of the active compounds.

  2. Size and Capacity of the Canister: The amount of spray a canister holds is important. Choose a size that offers enough content for practice as well as multiple uses in case of an emergency. A larger canister capacity ensures that you have enough product for several bursts, which can be crucial in situations involving more than one threatening dog. SABRE ’s smallest canisters, the pen and 0.54 oz. keyring units, contain multiple bursts, approximately 5x the competition.

  3. Product Longevity (Shelf Life): Opt for a product with a long shelf life - SABRE products have a 4 year shelf life. This ensures that the spray will remain effective for several years, providing value for money and ensuring that it's ready when you need it.

  4. Safety Features: A well-designed safety mechanism is essential to prevent accidental discharge. SABRE pepper spray has a safety mechanism that can be quickly released and used with just one hand in a single action. Look for sprays that can be quickly and easily activated in an emergency, yet have secure safety features to minimize the risk of unintentional use.

Sabre Dog Spray Ingredients

Sabre Dog Spray contains capsaicin and capsaicinoids.

What are capsaicin and capsaicinoids? Oleoresin capsicum contains several types of capsaicinoids, which are compounds that contribute to the spiciness of a pepper.

Among these, capsaicin is the most potent. In the context of pepper sprays, it's the total capsaicinoids content, rather than just the OC percentage, that truly indicates the effectiveness of the spray.

The concentration of major capsaicinoids in pepper sprays used by civilians and law enforcement typically ranges between 0.18% and 1.33%. In contrast, bear sprays have a higher concentration, ranging from 1.0% to 2.0% of major capsaicinoids.

What is oleoresin capsicum (OC)? Oleoresin capsicum is a natural oil extracted from the placenta, which is close to the stem, of chili peppers.

This oil is a key component in the majority of pepper sprays.

However, the concentration of OC in a pepper spray doesn't determine its strength. It simply shows the quantity of red pepper in the spray, but not its potency or how effective it will be.

Does Sabre Dog Spray Work On Humans?

Technically, dog spray "works" on humans as a deterrent, but it's illegal to use it in Canada, even in self defense. This prohibition extends to the possession of any item carried with the intention of personal defense, with an exception made for law enforcement officers.

The rationale behind this legislation is grounded in public safety concerns. The Canadian government aims to prevent escalation of violence and potential misuse of these sprays in conflicts or altercations.

The Canadian law is pretty clear on this: it's better to sort things out peacefully than to jump straight to physical confrontations. They want to avoid the whole "fight fire with fire" scenario.

Does Sabre Pepper Spray Work On Dogs?

Yes, Sabre pepper spray is very effective on dogs and other (ahem) animals.

  1. Non-Lethal and Humane: The formula is designed to be humane and non-lethal. It provides a way to deter an aggressive dog without causing long-term harm or injury. This approach aligns with animal welfare concerns while ensuring personal safety.

  2. Effective Range: Sabre dog spray typically offers a range of up to 3 meters, allowing the user to deter an approaching dog from a safe distance. This helps prevent close encounters or physical altercations.

  3. Temporary Effect: The effects of the spray are temporary, causing enough discomfort to stop or deter the dog but wearing off after a short period. This temporary effect is crucial for ensuring that the dog isn't permanently harmed.

  4. Designed for A Quick Response: The spray is often designed with a quick-access mechanism, like a safety lock or fast-deploy trigger, ensuring that it can be used quickly and effectively in a sudden encounter.

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