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10 Best Self-Defense Gifts For Her

Updated: Feb 7

best self defense gifts for her

Imagine your partner jogging alone in the evenings, your college-bound friend stepping into her newfound independence or even your cousin living next door to a sketchy character.

If you're searching for gifts that provide a sense of safety, you're in the right place.

Discover our curated top 10 list of the best self-defense gifts for Her in Canada.

10 Best Self-Defense Gifts For Her:

sabre self defense spray

sabre self defense spray

sabre self defense spray

While pepper spray is not permitted in Canada for use against humans, there's a legal and equally effective solution - the Dog Repellent Spray. This pocket-sized personal safety tool is specifically formulated to ward off aggressive dogs or (*cough*) other animals.

This sleek canister, complete with a key ring attachment, clips to your keychain or bag, and you're armed with a self-defense gadget that's as lawful as it is effective, marking it as an essential item in personal safety gift ideas for her.

self defense umbrella

self defense umbrella

A security umbrella looks and functions like a regular umbrella, and provides an element of surprise in a threatening situation. Since its's built with a heavy frame and steel tip, a security umbrella can deliver a strong defensive strike.

best self defense gear for her

tactical pen

In the domain of everyday carry items, tactical pens carve a niche for themselves by being both pragmatic and stylish. A tactical pen is still a pen at its core, but it also has the ability to double as a window breaker during emergencies. The steel tapered tip can smash through glass barriers. Read my full guide on the 10 best tactical pens here.

shes birdie keychain

self defense keychain

self defense keychain

Searching for a gift that combines safety and practicality? A Personal Safety Alarm is ideal for late-night commuters, joggers or even teens exploring newfound independence. With a quick pull-out pin, the alarm sets off a loud, attention-grabbing shriek. You can read the full guide on personal safety alarms here.

tactical flashlight

tactical flashlight

One of the underrated champions in self-defense tools is the tactical flashlight. They often have extreme levels of illumination plus strobe lights - which means you can disorient attackers by shining the light directly int heir eyes giving you a second to escape. Also they're usually heavy!

best self defense gear for her

While the primary function of Apple’s AirTag is to keep tabs on our belongings, it can also help your personal safety. By placing an AirTag in your bag or on your keychain, you create an invisible tether between you and your friends and family. Your loved ones can use the Find My app, and easily check in on your location during your evening commute or jog.

safety keychain

safety keychain

Self-defense keychain sets, often ranging from 3 to 10 pieces contain a variety of tools like a safety sound personal alarm which can emit a loud noise to attract attention during emergencies, a clip to attach it to a bag, and a a built-in mini LED flashlight to provide light in dark surroundings.

hotel portable lock

This portable door lock enhances security in homes, hotels, schools, or apartments. Travel anywhere with it or use it if you're living alone! It even prevents children from opening doors.

swiss army knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife in Red is an exceptionally crafted, versatile tool that's perfect for every day carry. This compact powerhouse measures just 2-1/4 inches in length, making it ideal for fitting into your pocket, attaching to your keychain, or tucking it away into a small pouch. Check prices on Amazon.

steel water bottle

With its clever hidden compartment, this stainless-steel bottle is your stealthy sidekick for stashing cash, cards, keys and those little treasures you don't want the world to find. And here's the kicker: it's a fully functional water bottle. Check prices on Amazon.

What Items Can I Legally Carry For Self Defense?

After exploring the best tools and weapons for self-defense, it's imperative to understand that carrying any tool for the purposes of self-defense is illegal in Canada. It doesn't matter if it's a keychain with dog spray on it, or a pocket knife - if the purpose of carrying this tool around is for self-defense it is illegal to carry it.

It is also illegal to carry anything classed as a prohibited weapon (i.e. firearm, pepper spray) if you don't have a license to carry it.

Self-Defense Key Points In Canada To Remember:

  1. Intent and Perception: The law primarily considers your intent for carrying a tool or weapon. If it's carried with the intention of self-defense against a person, this could be construed as carrying a concealed weapon, which is illegal. Read more about your self-defense rights here.

  2. Type of Weapon or Tool: Certain types of weapons, like pepper spray intended for use against humans, tasers, and certain knives (like switchblades), are prohibited. Make sure any tool or weapon you carry is legal in Canada.

  3. Reasonable Force: In a self-defense situation, the use of any tool or weapon must be "reasonable and proportionate" to the perceived threat. Excessive use of force can lead to legal repercussions. Read my guide on what constitutes as reasonable force here.

  4. Carry Laws: Both open carry and concealed carry are subject to legal scrutiny. The legality often depends on the type of weapon or tool and the circumstances of its carry.

  5. Legal Consequences: Unlawful possession or use of a self-defense tool or weapon can result in serious legal consequences, including criminal charges.

Empower the women in your life with the gift of safety. Your thoughtful gift could make a world of difference. Stay safe!

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Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. It is essential to consult with a legal professional and to familiarize yourself with the most current laws and regulations regarding self-defense tools.


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