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Night Clubs In Vancouver: Essential Gear for A Safe Night Out

night clubs in vancouver

Heading out? Here's my quick guide to essential gear for a fab and safe night: think sleek belt bags, safety alarms and noise cancelling earbuds. Let's keep it stylish and smart.

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Night Clubs In Vancouver: Essential Gear for A Safe Night Out

drink protector

I swear by a belt bag worn across your body as you'll never lose your keys or wallet. The Lululemon Athletica Everywhere Belt Bag is super popular, but if it's out of your price range there's a dupe below that serves the exact same purpose and looks quite similar.

lululemon bag

belt bag

Keep your phone juiced and bring a slim portable charger – it's a must for quick calls, like getting a ride or if you need help fast. This small charger fits right in your bag and keeps you plugged in without the bulk.

portable charger

Or try something slightly larger:

portable charger

It goes without saying - everyone should carry a personal safety alarm in case of emergencies when alone. You pull the pin and it lets off a piercing shriek.

shes birdie keychain

self defense keychain

Once I made the mistake of falling asleep in front of a speaker at a festival. Not my brightest moment. I woke up to ringing ears and a bout of tinnitus. Lesson learned: something as simple as noise-reducing earbuds can make a world of difference without impacting how you hear the music and your surroundings.


With a RFID blocking metal wallet, you can enjoy your evening without worrying about access to your sensitive data, so that your focus remains on having fun and making memories rather than worrying about brushing up against the wrong person.

rfid waller

Night Clubs In Vancouver: Survival Tips

If you're new to Vancouver or just exploring its nightlife, I'm sharing some other essential tips based on my experiences. Some advice might seem straightforward, but it's all about knowing the ropes for a great time in the city. Feel free to add anything I might have missed!

  • Transport Tips: Clubs typically close at 2am. From 1am-2:30am, finding an Uber can be tough and pricey. Plan to use a combination of walking and buses, and keep your phone charged.

  • Skipping the Lines: If you live close to downtown - Arrive right when the club opens to get your entry stamp, then head back to your place or hang out elsewhere. Later, you can return and bypass the line with your stamp.

  • Coat Fee and Arrival Time: Typically aim to arrive by 10pm to beat the guestlist cutoff at 11pm. After that, cover charges of $18-25 apply, plus a $4 coat check fee. Lines not on the guestlist might move quicker.

  • Cash is King: Bring cash to avoid a $5 ATM fee and getting only $20 bills, which could lead to unwanted change.

  • Identification: Carry two forms of ID. Clubs in BC strictly require a government ID scan and a photo.

  • Group Ratios: Some clubs, especially on Granville strip, prefer equal male-to-female ratios. Plan your group accordingly or face longer waits.

  • Pre-Drinks: Consider drinking beforehand to save on club prices ($10-12 per shot). But, stay sober enough to avoid being turned away at the door.

Now that I've shared my clubbing essentials, I'm going to address the question we get asked a lot: Are Vancouver's Night Clubs "dangerous?"

Are Night Clubs In Vancouver Dangerous?

This question comes up a lot, particularly because a shooting occurred right outside Gallery night club. From the Red Room to Isy's, questions about security measures are now front and center.

Tragedy at the Purple Onion

In recent years, nightclubs like Level 5, Graceland, and Purple Onion were known for their parties and intense music scene. The Purple Onion, once a popular spot near the Old Spaghetti Factory on Water Street, closed its doors in 2004 following a fatal shooting occurring right on the front steps of the club. This incident wasn't unique, as other clubs like Level 5 and Graceland had their share of disturbances that raised questions about safety in these party zones.

The Red Room

The Red Room in Vancouver is known for its vibrant EDM and trance nights, with SUBculture Saturdays that are all about trance, EDM, techno and an electronic vibe. The music draws a specific crowd which carries the inherent risks associated with it.

While the club has safety measures like ID checks and bag searches, and is committed to providing a secure environment, it's important for attendees to be conscious of these aspects.

vancouver night club


Another club, Luv-a-Fair, operated from 1975 to 2003 and was known for its high-energy atmosphere and as a hotbed of sex and drugs and transitioned from a jazz club to a gay bar, eventually becoming one of the city's most legendary venues, featuring acts like Nine Inch Nails and hosting musicians like U2 and Depeche Mode​.

Isy's Supper Club

Historically notable clubs like Isy’s Supper Club, The Cave and Marco Polo were among the city's prominent spots for entertainment in the past. Isy’s Supper Club, for example, was known for its live music and Vegas-style shows, featuring famous acts like Duke Ellington and Little Richard. Some might have viewed the vibes as seedy.

Navigating Vancouver's nightlife can be a breeze with a bit of insider knowledge. From arriving early to beat the lines, to understanding the cash and ID requirements, these tips are designed to enhance your clubbing experience. Remember, a little planning goes a long way in ensuring a fun, safe, and hassle-free night out.

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