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She's Birdie Review: Canada's Must-Have Personal Safety Alarm

Updated: Feb 6

she's birdie personal safety alarm

A chilling 30% of Canadian women aged 15 or older have reported facing sexual assault at least once, according to the Canadian Women's Foundation.

With such staggering numbers, the urgency for reliable personal safety tools is palpable, which is precisely why I've delved deep into reviewing the She's Birdie alarm for you.

shes birdie keychain

Key Features of She's Birdie

Whether it's walking home late at night, jogging on your own or traveling solo, the She's Birdie safety alarm is a reliable safety tool that will protect you when you're in danger.

  • Loud alarm: The alarm boasts a 125-decibel siren, equivalent in volume to a thunderclap or chainsaw.

  • Strobe Light: Has an integrated strobe light to shine into an attacker's eyes.

  • Color Options: Comes in multiple colors.

  • Isn't Dorky-Looking: This alarm actually looks stylish on your keychain, bag or pocket.

  • Portable: You can carry this small item wherever you go as it's no larger than most car keys.

  • An Investment: Unlike single-use alternatives like pepper spray, this safety alarm can be reused - it's an investment in safety which you can rely on repeatedly.


Currently the alarm is priced at $39.95.

How to Use She's Birdie Safety Alarm

Activate Birdie to create a diversion and deter an attacker. Simply detach the top to initiate the piercing siren and the accompanying strobe light. Once you've escaped into a safe area you can stop the alarm by repositioning the top.

She's Birdie is a straightforward yet potent tool, granting an added layer of protection to its bearers. In the face of rising concerns over sexual violence, particularly on campuses, this loud, portable, and economical alarm is a worthy companion.

How loud is She’s Birdie?

The She's Birdie alarm is ear-splitting, reaching up to 125 decibels as confirmed during our tests.

She's Birdie Review: Wrapping Up

Finding the right one isn't just about the gadget – it's about empowerment and confidence. This alarm is something of a statement with the sleek design and great colours to pick from.

If you're looking to level up your personal safety game or gift someone that added layer of security, this alarm is an investment in peace of mind. I hope you found this She's Birdie Review helpful!


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