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What Boxing Gloves Did Mike Tyson Wear? 5 Best Boxing Gloves

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During his prime, Mike Tyson was often seen wearing a specific brand and model of gloves, which became as much a part of his persona as his explosive knockouts. Here's a breakdown of the gloves Fury has favored over the years (plus some of 5 best boxing glove picks if you want to fight like a legend).

What Boxing Gloves Did Mike Tyson Wear?

For a significant part of his career, Mike Tyson used Everlast boxing gloves, and then later moved to Paffen Gloves. Specifically, he used:

Tyson used Everlast Powerlock Gloves, as well as Everlast MX Gloves (known as 'puncher gloves').

2. Paffen Gloves

More recently, Fury has shifted to using gloves from Paffen, a renowned German brand. These gloves have been Fury's choice for both training and major fights, indicating his trust in their quality and performance. Notably, Fury wore Paffen Gloves in his high-stakes trilogy fights against Wilder, his showdown with Dillian Whyte at the prestigious Wembley Stadium, and during his significant victory over Klitschko.

5 Best Boxing Gloves For Champions

The best boxing gloves for professionals include:

everlast powerlock gloves


boxing gloves

boxing gloves

boxing gloves


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