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Uber Safety Tips: Viral TikTok Video to Use When You Feel Unsafe During Your Ride

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Have you ever been stuck in an Uber with a creepy taxi driver making you feel on edge? In light of a recent Uber driver assault on a passenger in Vancouver (more on this below), we wanted to arm you with this viral TikTok safety video recording that you can play when you feel creeped out in a taxi, Uber or Lyft.

Playing these pre-recorded clips is a great deterrent - you pretend to be chatting with a friend or family member on the phone, and the driver will be able to hear a conversation with the person asking you about your whereabouts. That way the driver knows that someone is aware of your location and keeping an eye on you.

Quick Answers:

1. A TikTok Safety Video Chatting To Your "Friend"

2. A TikTok Safety Video Chatting To Your "Mom"

3. A TikTok Safety Video Chatting To Your "Dad"

Vancouver Uber Driver Charged With Assault

In 2022, a 69-year-old former Uber driver named Mohammed Abu Sayed assaulted a woman during her Uber ride. The Vancouver Police Department launched an investigation, which resulted in Abu Sayed's arrest and sexual assault conviction. He has been sentenced to prison for three years and is now listed as a sex offender.

This incident highlights the importance of safety measures and regulations in the rideshare industry to protect passengers from potential harm.

The VPD urges anyone who has been a victim of a sexual assault to report it to the authorities. The incident highlights the importance of safety measures and regulations in the

What To Do When You Feel Uncomfortable In An Uber?

As well as utilizing this video, there are a few others steps you can take to cement your safety such as:

  • Checking the license plate and vehicle make before getting into the car to ensure it matches the app details

  • Share your ride details with a trusted friend or family member

  • Familiarize yourself with the Help feature within the Uber app. According to the Uber website, if you ever feel that you're in an urgent situation, you can use the Emergency Button located in your app which dials 911. “Anytime you call emergency services from the Uber app, the app provides you with your real-time location and trip details that you can share with the dispatcher,” says Uber.

There are numerous TikTok videos you can use for your safety: simple yet effective trick that anyone can use to ensure their safety.

You can also check out our guide on the 10 best personal safety apps for Vancouverites. From panic buttons to GPS tracking, these apps can help you stay safe in any situation.


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