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American Serial Killer Gary Allen Srery Linked to Unsolved 70s Murders in Alberta

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(Source: RCMP)

The Alberta RCMP has revealed a significant breakthrough in a series of unsolved murders from the 1970s, linking an American serial killer Gary Allen Srery to the deaths of four young women in Calgary. Gary Allen Srery, who died in an Idaho prison in 2011, has been identified as the perpetrator.

DNA Evidence Unravels Decades-Old Mystery

At a recent news conference in Edmonton, RCMP officials announced that DNA found on two of the victims was crucial in identifying Srery. Using genealogical techniques from Convergence Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG), a family tree was constructed from the DNA, ultimately leading to Srery's identification. This development came despite Srery never being a suspect during the initial investigation.

rcmp david hall

Alberta RCMP Supt. David Hall speaks about four homicides linked to Gary Allen Srery during a press conference in Edmonton, Friday, May 17, 2024. THE


Victims and Circumstances

  • Eva Dvorak and Patricia McQueen: Both 14 years old, the girls were last seen on February 14, 1976, in downtown Calgary. Their bodies were discovered the following day under the Happy Valley Overpass on Highway 1.

  • Melissa Rehorek: A 20-year-old who had recently moved to Calgary, was found dead on September 16, 1976, near Township Road 252. She had been hitchhiking the previous evening.

  • Barbara MacLean: At 19, MacLean was last seen on February 25, 1977, leaving the Highlander Hotel bar. Her body was found hours later by a dog walker in northeast Calgary.

Who Was Alberta Serial Killer Gary Allen Srery?

Through the background investigation into Srery, members of the Alberta RCMP HHU were able to establish the following:

  • Gary Allen Srery was a US citizen who was residing illegally in Canada at the time of the murders;

  • Prior to coming to Calgary, Srery had an extensive criminal record in the United States for sex related offences including forcible rape, kidnapping, burglary and sexual perversion;

  • Srery appeared to flee the US sometime during 1974 after posting bail for a rape charge in California;

  • Srery lived under aliases in Calgary in 1976 and 1977 that included, but were not limited to, Willy Blackman and Rex Long;

  • Srery lived a transient lifestyle and worked occasionally under the table as a cook;

  • Srery was adept at frequently changing his appearance, place of residence and vehicles; and

  • Srery lived in Alberta and British Columbia from the mid to late 1970s up until 2003 when he was deported.

Gary Allen Srery's Elusive Life Explained

Gary Allen Srery, born in 1942, had a history of sexual crimes. He fled the United States in 1974 after posting bail for a rape charge in California, later settling in Calgary under various aliases. During his time in Canada, he led a transient lifestyle, working intermittently and frequently changing his appearance, his residence and what cars he owned. He was known to use names such as Willy Blackman and Rex Edward Long.

Srery's criminal activities continued after his time in Calgary. In 1998, he was convicted of sexual assault in New Westminster, BC and served five years in prison before being deported to the U.S. in 2003. In Idaho, he was convicted of another sexually motivated crime and sentenced to life, dying in prison in 2011.

RCMP's Ongoing Investigation

Inspector Breanne Brown of the Alberta RCMP Serious Crimes Branch emphasized the likelihood of more victims. The RCMP urges anyone who may have known Srery or recognized his aliases to come forward.

Tips can be directed to the Alberta RCMP Historical Crime Unit via email at or by phone at 780-509-3306.

This revelation provides a sense of closure for the families of the victims and highlights the advancements in forensic technology. The RCMP continues to seek information and encourages the public to report any connections to Srery's crimes.

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