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No Lawyer Fees? Best AI Legal Tools 2024

Updated: Feb 4

best ai legal tools

Remember when seeking legal advice was a full-blown affair? Making an appointment, turning up to an intimidating office and then anxiously awaiting a hefty bill?

That era is on its way out.

I've stumbled across ChatGPT for legal advice - it's AI Lawyer.

Let's say you're a creative like me and you want to trademark a company logo but you don't want to hire a lawyer.

You can ask AI Lawyer in the chat: "Draft a trademark registration application for a company logo," and it will spit the document out for you.

Maybe you're a landlord and you have no idea how to write a lease agreement. Ask AI Lawyer, "Draft a Residential Lease Agreement for a landlord and tenant," and it will write one out for you in seconds.

This AI legal ChatGPT tool can be used by individuals, business owners, law students and even lawyers themselves - anyone that wants instant legal advice. I'm going to walk you through one of the best AI legal tools on the market.

In a rush? You can also jump to:

AI Lawyer: Your Personal Legal Assistant

AI Lawyer (powered by ChatGPT) acts as your own personal legal assistant, except that it's not $200 an hour

Key Features:

  • Instant legal help: Ask any question you want for an immediate response.

  • Drafting legal documents: Create any legal agreement in minutes.

  • Documents review: Get an easy-to-understand summary of any agreement.

  • Documents comparison: Compare different agreements and see the differences between them.

Used For:

  • For people wanting legal information

  • For Lawyers

  • For Law Students


ai lawyer

AI Lawyer offers these pricing plans:

- Free accounts for charities

- The "Just Ask" Plan: $9.99/week

- "Golden Choice" Plan: Free, then $19.99/month

- "Big Case" Plan: $99.99/year

- 50% off for students

Here are some other ways AI Lawyer can help you:

  • Termination Letter

  • Demand Letter

  • Cease and Desist Letter

  • Consumer complaint letter

  • Legal compliance

  • Clause generator

  • Legal process improvement

  • Create Boilerplate Clauses

  • Clause Negotiation - justification for including clause

  • Shareholders' Agreement

  • Create company policy document

  • AI Litigation analysis

  • AI dispute resolution


  • Affordable: This tool is more cost-effective than hiring a lawyer for minor legal queries or document advice.

  • 24/7 Availability: AI don't have office hours - get advice whenever it's convenient for you.

  • Convenience: Get legal guidance from your couch. No need to research and find a recommended lawyer, schedule appointments or wait 3 months for an appointment.


  • Lacks Human Touch: While AI can analyze data quickly, it lacks the emotional intelligence and personal connection from a real person.

  • Complex Cases: For more intricate legal situations or ones that require nuanced judgment, a human lawyer might be more appropriate.

An Example Of Communicating With AI Lawyer

User: Hello AI Lawyer, I run a boutique in Vancouver and am thinking of introducing homemade jams. Would I need a specific license for that?

AI Lawyer: Hello! In Vancouver, if you intend to sell homemade jams, you would typically require a Food Sales Permit. Additionally, to ensure health and safety standards, your production area might need to be inspected. It's prudent to contact Vancouver Coastal Health and the City of Vancouver’s Business Licensing division for specifics tailored to your situation.

User: How much would it cost to obtain a license for selling jams in a boutique in Vancouver?

AI Lawyer: For obtaining a Food Sales Permit in Vancouver, the fee is approximately CAD $50 to $250 annually, depending on the size and nature of your operation. However, fees can vary, so it's always a good practice to consult the City of Vancouver's official website or office for up-to-date information.

User: What’s the typical timeframe for getting these licenses? And what documents should I be ready with?

AI Lawyer: Vancouver Coastal Health generally processes Food Sales Permit applications within 10-20 days. To apply, you'll typically need:

  • A completed application form.

  • Government-issued photo identification.

  • Proof of food safety training or a FoodSafe Level 1 certificate.

  • For a business license:

    • Business registration or incorporation documents.

    • A site plan of your boutique.

    • A list or description of the products you plan to sell.

User: What are the penalties for selling without the necessary licenses?

AI Lawyer: In Vancouver, selling food products without the required licenses can result in fines ranging from CAD $250 to $2,000 per offence, depending on the violation's nature and severity.

Other AI Lawyer Chat Prompts

Now you've see AI Lawyer in action - here are some other prompts you can use.

  • Provide examples of [legal case/issue]

  • What are the latest developments in [legal area]?

  • What are the relevant laws or regulations regarding [legal issue]

  • Draft a Sales Agreement for transferring ownership of a vehicle

  • Draft a Non-Disclosure Agreement for a startup and an investor

  • Write a Cease and Desist Letter for copyright infringement

Is AI Ready To Replace Lawyers?

So, you're familiar with AI Lawyer.

But what do tools like this mean for the future?

Overall, AI is automating many jobs across numerous industries including law. AI is already helping lawyers by reviewing contracts, re-writing important documents and conducting legal research.

With the fusion of machine learning, natural language processing and human intelligence, AI legal tools can provide precision and credibility.

The only thing it's missing is the empathy and understanding that might be necessary for very intricate and stressful cases.

Recently, AI has started to help in drafting contracts, predicting legal results and even suggesting decisions for judges. Overall, AI can also assist with:

  • Document Drafting: AI can generate legal documents (those that would traditionally consume hours of research) in mere minutes.

  • Provide A Huge Database: AI software can tap into vast collections of statutes, court records and motions..

  • Legal Research: An area where experts often spend hours, if not days. With AI, relevant case details and queries can be presented in a fraction of that time.

  • Reviewing Documents: Some AI tools specialize in contract reviews, spotting errors and providing related legal references which beats the human eye.

Whether you're needing legal advice, you're a law student or a lawyer looking to speed up your work load, definitely check out AI Lawyer.

So: Do you believe an AI Lawyer could ever fully replace a human attorney in court? Make your case in the comments below.


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